Game Details

Size: 47M

Downloads: 100,000 - 500,000

Minimum Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)

Package Name:

Published: December 30, 2015

Version: 1.4.3

Developer Name: Gamesofa Inc.

Developer E-mail: Email

Game Description

★★★ 直覺射擊!一拉一放,彈珠爽快發射
★★★ 朋友同樂!4P好友組隊,不管魔王降臨還是傳說怪物,合作闖關GG BOSS
★★★ 華麗EX技!Combo爽快連擊,華麗彈幕爆發
【爽快彈射 x 熱血碰撞!彈珠玩法進化再進化】
覺得厲害!泥揪4神 !
==================【彈珠射手x 最新情報 】==================
【彈珠射手官方圖鑑】 [pinball shooter - catapult type ARPG mobile games]========
★★★ intuition shot! Pull a release, marbles readily launch
★★★ Friends Fun! 4P friends team, regardless of the devil coming orthe legendary monster, cooperation checkpoints GG BOSS
★★★ gorgeous EX technology! Combo refreshing batter, gorgeousbarrage outbreak
[X blood readily catapult crash! Play Pinball Evolution] Evolutionagain
Marbles play shooter incorporates new ultra-popular Japanesecatapult action of,
And across the three countries, the hero of the Warring States timeand space to develop mobile gaming adventure.
Easily put a finger pull, will be able to knock marbles ejectedhero monster!
In marbles ejection force, angle, trajectory calculations,
God predicted teammate Combo skills triggering barragegorgeous!
While enjoying the game of marbles refreshing shock hit actionaesthetics
And strategic thinking marbles catapult layout
Feel amazing! Mud pulling 4 God!
================== [Pinball shooter x latest information]==================
And the Warring States Period through the three protagonists
Xin in the heroic battle child accidentally fall into the hands ofthe devil ???
Green River leisurely and Ryota to save Xin child to intensify thepace to catch up with the devil,
Embarked on a brave unknown No. Go Black Sea.
Sea fog filled the air,
Suddenly in front of blaring horns!
There are groups in shadow of looming and rapidlyapproaching,
Smoke emerges out of the Jolly Roger faces and accompanied bydozens of pirate ship rushed toward the protagonists! ! !
Is an enemy or an ally? !
Come and collect your pirate partner, heading the new Pinballworld! ! !
============== Free download, multiplayer fun! For more informationplease visit ==============
[Pinball shooter official fan group]
[Illustrations] shooter marbles

Free 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 Game Download for PC – 3 Methods

Are you looking for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 game download for PC? If yes, then you are in the correct place.

In this guide, we’ve shared three methods to download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 game for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, and other versions of Windows.

These methods also work for Mac as well.

We are going to use Android Emulator to run 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 for PC. Android Emulators are great tools for developers. They allow you to run Android apps on a PC without having a physical Android device.

We’ve shared 3 Emulators, and these are the best Emulators available right now. Of course, you can choose any of them as all three are the best.

Method 1: Download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 for PC using LDPlayer – Windows Only

LDPlayer is an application that allows you to run Android apps on Windows without having a physical Android device. So you can use LDPlayer to run your favorite Android apps on Windows PC.

  1. Download and run the LDPlayer installer. Installing 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 game for PC using LDPlayer
  2. Click on the Install button on LDPlayer Installer Window. 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 on LDPlayer installation in progress
  3. The installer will start downloading files; it can take up to 5 minutes, depending on your internet connection. Starting 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 game
  4. Once downloading is completed, click on the Start button. Playing 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 Game with LDPlayer
  5. LDPayer is now successfully installed.
  6. Open Store, search for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台, and click on the Install button.
  7. Once 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 is installed, start playing and enjoy!

Method 2: Download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 for PC using BlueStacks – Windows & Mac

Bluestacks is one of the oldest and most popular Android emulators available. It’s easy to set up and has a massive library of apps. In this post, we’ll show you how to install BlueStacks on your PC and run Android apps on your Windows PC.

  1. To get started, download and run the Bluestacks installer from the official website of Bluestacks. Downloading and Installing Bluestacks for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 Game for Free
  2. You will see the setup wizard. Click on Install Now to continue with the installation.
  3. The installer will start downloading the files; the process can take up to 5 minutes or more, depending on your internet connection speed.
  4. Once the downloading is completed, the installation process will begin.Bluestacks installation in progress
  5. After the installation is completed, the installer will start configuring Blustacks on your computer. Configuring BlueStacks
  6. After necessary configurations are done, Bluestacks will start, and you will see the Google Play Store icon, click on it. Login in to Google Account
  7. Now login to Google Play Store with your Gmail account. 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 for PC using BlueStacks Running
  8. Now you can install any app you want. Search for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 and then click on the Install button.

Method 3: Download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 for PC using NoxPlayer – Windows & Mac

NoxPlayer is a cross-platform emulator that allows you to run Android apps on Windows PC without having a physical Android device. NoxPlayer is free software and can be downloaded for Windows and Mac.

  1. First of all, you will need to download NoxPlayer. This is the software you will use to run Android apps on Windows and Mac.
  2. Now you will need to run the installer. First, right-click on the Nox Installer and then select Run as administrator. Installing NoxPlayer for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 PC
  3. The installer window will pop up on your screen. Now click the Install Now button. Installation in progress
  4. The installation process will begin and will be completed in a few minutes. Launching NoxPlayer
  5. Once the installation is complete, click on the Start button to start the NoxPlayer. Login Google Account in NoxPlayer
  6. Enter your Gmail address and password on the popup to log in to Google Play Store. Playing 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 in Windows with NoxPlayer
  7. Search for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 in the Google Play Store app and install it. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 on PC?

Choose one of the methods that we shared in this article and then follow it to download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 on a PC.

Is 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 Free on PC?

With the methods we’ve shared in this guide, you can download them on PC.

Is 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 available for Windows 7?

Yes, check out the guide, with the methods we’ve shared work on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Mac as well.

How can I download 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 on my Macbook?

We have shared 3 methods that you can use to download and install 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 on your Macbook.

Who is 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 owned by?

Gamesofa Inc. is the developer and the owner of 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台.

Over to you

We shared the best three methods which you can use to play 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 on your PC. These methods work for 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 game download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac.

If you have any questions regarding 彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 PC, leave a comment in the comments section below, we will try out best to help you out.

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